Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Matlosana College Netball Day hosted by North West School of Design

The North West School of Design hosted the first annual Matlosana College Netball day at Laerskool Saamtrek on the 12th of August.
Teams that competed at this event included the NwsdNetSquad, Centurion Academy, MSC Business College and Boston College.
Centurion Academy sponsored the prizes for the winners.
John and Ester Greyvensteyn sponsored the water bottles for the NwsdNetSquad.
Coach, Michelle Pretorius, was an Umpire at the event!
Each college had an all girls team and a mixed team that consisted of males and females.
The NwsdNetSquad had their very own custom made beffies that represented North West School of Design colours!
Even though various colleges competed against one another, the day was also filled with laughter and fun. NWSD students sold chips, chocolates, drinks and boerewors rolls.
Centurion Academy's all girls team won 1st place.
Player of the day went to North West School of Design's very own, 1st Year Noloyiso Manyane! Well done Lolly!!
Thank you to each and everyone who made the Matlosana College Netball day a huge sucsess. Thank  you to our sponsors! To the NwsdNetSquad coach, Michelle, thank you for your dedication towards our team! And to principal Marlene Oosthuizen, thank you for investing so much time in the students!

Friday, 11 August 2017

Thespian talents to be showcased.

The theme for the Platinum Fashion Festival 2017 has been announced as “Thespian Wardrobe “. I must say not everyone knows what a thespian is, we all know what an actor or actress is, but thespian was a term foreign to most. It’s quite an old way of addressing an individual who works in the theatre arts.
As per usual Google was to the rescue. According to the dictionary thespian refers to drama and the theatre or an actor or actress. And so the excitement kicked in among the students of North West School of Design. 
 This is what we have been waiting for, to recreate some of the most iconic fashion statements made in musical theatre, cinema and television. 

Each year students have a one on one presentation regarding their designs and collections with principal Marlene Oosthuizen and lecturers. This year is especially special because all forms of drama took to fashion in the designs of students.
 Couture collections inspired by fairy tales, melancholic dramas and riveting thrillers. First year students were assigned various musicals in groups of 5. Be prepared to be transported to musicals that made political and humanitarian statements in the late 1970’s. 
 RTW collections are focused on a target market in order for the collections to be sellable and appealing to the audience. Although the theme can be incorporated to the designs, it is more important to create a sellable collection because the success of a designer is measured sales.

The Platinum Fashion Festival promises to be an eruption of Thespian Wardrobe. Be sure to book your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Glitz & Glam for Janie Schneider.

The town was buzzing with the excitement for the Glitz & Glam event that took place on the 5th of August.  The event was held in benefit for the Janie Schneider School and the Saamtrek Netball Team. Carli Bester, teacher at Janie Schneider organized the event.

At our arrival, ladies were busy with their breath taking table d├ęcor. One that really caught my eye was red crowns placed over the saucers. How fitting is this not as our guest speakers and the M.C. for the event can be classified as queens in their own right?
Speaking of queens… Fashion royalty took to the stage again as North West School of Design Alumni showcased some of her designs. Botha showcased some of the gowns worn at Miss SA 2017 and a bridal collection that will make anyone feel like a queen.
Ilze Saunders Buys was the M.C. for the event dressed in a flawless Anel Botha creation. Although on stage, she spoke with everyone. It truly did feel like a morning tea with girlfriends.  Jurandi Du Plessis was also a guest speaker and shared her story with the audience. 

Also speaking at the event the current reigning Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel Peters. She spoke about her own struggles and as this was an event held in benefit for Janie Schneider, she shared her own story about her sibling who lives with a disability.
All and all it was a day filled with miraculous fashion, heart-warming testimonies and just good old company, and all for a good cause.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Meet NWSD Alumni Anel Botha Class of 2006

A well-known name in the fashion industry. A pillar of her community and a charming smile always grazes her face. Anel Botha has built a fashion reputation for herself that continues to exceed one’s expectations.
In 2004 Botha won the ‘Design your future ‘bursary and she started her career at North West School of Design. ‘Always taking on extra work. From day one she was very focused on quality and deadlines’ – explains principal Marlene Oosthuizen when asked about Botha’s student career.

In 2006 she won the Designer of the Year award and this achievement was a promise of only great things to follow.  Anel continued after her graduation with an internship at Micheal Bezuidenhout and she ventured forward by opening a studio with NWSD Alumni Jose De Canha. 
Both went their separate ways and Botha started to make waves within the fashion industry. Lectures express that she was often hard on herself during her studies but in the end it has paid off.

Since then she has been described numerous times as ‘Designer to the Stars ‘, and the name truly does say it all. Botha’s designs have been seen on the red carpet at every prestigious event. Her bridal abilities stretches across the country and matric girls flock together when the season takes wind.
Botha is also the official sponsor of the Miss South Africa Pageant for evening wear and she continues to dress the winner during her year of reign. 

But most importantly, Anel is at heart still the same kid she was when she started at NWSD. You would never pass her without being greeted by a warm smile and a kind “Hello Darling!”. Her graze and elegance continues to be an inspiration to our students and graduates!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

3rd Years Say ‘I Do‘

Every year the North West School of Design presents the 3 day bridal challenge. Based on project runway principles, our students have to design, develop and create a wedding gown by making a pattern on the dress form in only three days.
The nerves were hanging like a thick cloud of cold in the air on the morning the theme is presented. On any given day you will hear chatter and laughter fill the classroom, but on this particular morning silence was the only sound one could hear.
Presented by principal, Marlene Oosthuizen, the theme came as quite a shock to most students. But then again I have to say we all had a cathedral gown in mind. This was ultimately the time for every 3rd Year student to prove what they can do. 
‘My Early Morning Wedding ‘- First initial thought, ‘Who gets married in the morning? ‘
But the trend analysis proved us wrong. Wedding gowns created for a morning wedding showed that elegance and design aesthetic does not fade into oblivion. From short vintage inspired gowns, to a floor-length lace embellished gown, ‘My Early Morning Wedding ‘seemed more appealing by the moment.
Students jumped away immediately with the design process and pattern making. Soon the silence disappeared and you could hear the excitement behind the sewing machine.
3 days later the big reveal takes place before a panel of judges. Students and models line up with their designs adding a last touch of lip-gloss as the bride rushes to be seen. 

Once every bride has been seen in her perfect day attire, it’s time to announce the winners. In third place, Palesa Maimane. Second place, Cj Gill. And the winner is, Neo Martin Tloome.
The bride’s bouquet has been thrown and you might ask who caught it? Well, each and every student who showcased their bridal creation.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Meet Dudu Ratsuma NWSD Alumni class of 2016

Starting her fashion career in 2014, Dudu soon showed promise to become a memorable designer. In 2015 she won the Showstopper of the Year award with her Couture Collection and in 2016 she left the audience hungry for more with her impeccable Ready to Wear Collection. 
In early February 2017, she embarked on her journey freelancing for a small pattern company in Randburg. Around March, Dudu joined Tembisa Trendsetters where she was responsible for trend analysis, graphics for events, research regarding planned projects, fitting schedules and learing about the production of executing a fashion event.
As her journey continued at Thembisa Trendsetters, she was interviewed by ‘Come Again’ a programme that aired on SABC 1 and this is where she unknowingly announced her new brand URBANKNACK that will be launched soon.
“ URBANKNACK is a state-of-the-art BONA-FIDE, up to the minute trendy, Hip-chic brand with fashion of the world analytics incorporated to SA culture breeding a new world of afro pop civilians a distinctive Threads&Trends brand founded by myself “- explains Ratsuma Dudu is also giving back to the community by teaching basic pattern drafting, basic sewing, styling, & executing an idea from thought to a physical piece at Design Ministries.
 Ratsuma also sponsored a finalist for ‘Face of Township South Africa ‘ pageant. The finalist is a current resident of Ratsuma’s hometown Alexandra Township. The pageant was sponsored by Soweto TV and the Soweto Theatre and should air later this year on DSTV channel 251.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

How to know if fashion design is for you.

You watch Fashion TV non-stop, new ideas keep coming to you and you always give tips on the do’s and don’ts at family gatherings. But how do you know if fashion design is for you. Here are the most essential points to remember when you are considering studying fashion design.

Forget 24/7 glamour
Fashion can be a very stressful career choice: It is perceived as a glamorous career but that can be far from reality. The fashion world runs on deadlines and each and every one has to be met with severe punctuality.

Ok, let’s think about job prospects here, as fashion is not an art, it is an industry. Even if you want to start your own company, you will have to work to get experience. Ask yourself these questions, What jobs are out there? What does the job entail? Is this something you want to do every day?

This is very important.  So you’ve decided there’s a job out there for you, so you need to learn the skills to get employed. What schools do you want to go to? What do they require for entry? Does the school have a good reputation? Never trust the school or their sales people, do the research on your own. What will you learn on the course? Is it what you want to do?

Are you connected?
The fashion industry is about who you know, so if you don’t know anyone, how will you find them? Will you meet the right people through school? You’ll need to meet the right people, so think about how you are going to do this.

Do you have a passion for it?
Being passionate about fashion is not about reading Vogue and owning a Gucci bag. . Having a passion means suffering abuse from your psychotic boss during fifteen hour workdays and spending your money on fabric instead of rent while you try and make a name for yourself as a designer.

Think about what you'll bring to internships as well as what they can offer: Are the companies that you want to intern with going to teach you skills that are relevant to your future career goals?
How you are perceived on social media
You never know who might be looking at your online profiles. So posting pictures about how sloshed you got at your sisters 21st last weekend with the hash tag #YOLO is not going to utter professionalism on your part. These days people do a social media search first before they employ you.

 These are in my opinion the most crucial things to consider when you want to study fashion design. But don’t be frightened fashion design is a great career choice. And obtaining your skills at North West School of Design will make you an even better fashion designer.