Monday, 13 October 2014

Working on our Platinum Fashion Festival collections

We all know that is not easy to plan any event and it's even harder to design and make collections that are of high standard, on trend, sellable and that shows the fashion student's innovation and technical abilities.

Our students are dedicated to their work and they always have fun doing it! Here is a look at the steps the students of NWSD take to get to the end result.

Concept to Collection Presentation

Assessments of the 2nd year concept to collection for the upcoming Platinum Fashion Festival.  Presentations included preliminary design ideas based on market and trend research, fabric choices, inspiration boards and theme motivation.  

Production Planning

Each 3rd year’s collection is based on thorough trend and market research.  The final year fashion students also studied the different price point categories for fashion retail merchandise before they came up with designs for their own collections, ensuring their fabric choice, styles and price points all align well with the relevant price point category and retail market. 

Pattern Making
Pattern making plays the most important role of designing a well structured garment
and the NWSD students know exactly how to use the award winning X!act Patternmaker.

In the final days before the Platinum Fashion Festival, all the models have to
come for a fittings to ensure every dress looks and feels amazing on the runway.  The garment is first tested in calico fabric before the final pattern is cut in the end fabric.  

Work Through The Night
The Annual Work Through the Night is tradition here at NWSD.  It is hard work, but
gives the students extra time for layout and cutting.   

Garment Construction
"Do it right the first time, then you won't have to unpick!", Marlene Oosthuizen 

Quality Assessments
Each garment is thoroughly inspected by lecturers and students are constantly advised on techniques to be used to ensure that all garments are sewn to meet the NWSD quality standards.  

Next up
So this is where we are at for now, next up we have final fittings where each look is assessed for styling, thereafter is the dreaded final submissions and finally rehearsal time on Friday 7 November!

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