Thursday, 12 February 2015

Why A Christian Fashion College?

Why A Christian Fashion College?

Yes, at NWSD we start each new week in prayer, and each new term is kicked off with a bang! The official opening and start of each term is made that little more exciting and empowering as we invite young, energetic pastors to chat with us and pray with us!

NWSD Life group
NWSD life group is a Christian support group where students get together to read from the word of God, share their experiences and talk about what is going on in their lives. Students pray for each other, for the college, as well as support and uplift the members of the group. Students also watch Christian videos and Dvd’s and share what they learned. Life group is a way of supporting each other through the trials we face in daily life and growing together as Children of God, learning from his word and seeking Him in our hearts. NWSD has now opened the life group to students from other colleges in and around Klerksdorp as well!

Do we exclude or discriminate against other religions? 

Not at all!
Our college has always and will always be open to all aspiring future designers and fashion professionals, students can opt to attend weekly prayer meetings.

One of the students that attend the weekly life group had this to say:

‘’ With the many challenges we encounter as young people pursuing a career in Fashion, it's very easy to neglect our true purpose in life. Having a spiritual gathering, as students, to come and profess the greatness of Jesus Christ in our lives, instils great confidence and relief to be able to carry on with our daily errands. We learn to connect with each other with great ease and knowing that we can share deep Biblical insights in a highly sensitive and pressurized world we live in. Life Group for me, is full proof that God can reveal Himself in any area, environment, caliber and social standing of a person. May our Lord and Saviour continue to do great things in our lives as students! Amen. Lesedi Maphike’’

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