Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Vintage Romance - Bronwyn Lenferna de la Motte

Vintage Romance - Bronwyn Lenferna de la Motte

This is what photographer Melanie Els had to say about this shoot:

"For Bronwyne’s Vintage Romance collection, I explored with projection art and in an instant we were taken to the streets of Paris!

I found that this style of photography created a unique relation between the flat dimension of the scenery and the dimensional, interactive model.  

The model becomes a part of the scene as though she was meant to have been painted in This creates a stunning union which is also a little unsettling as though the lines fact and fiction have been blurred."

Introducing Bronwyn Leferna de la motte 

"My theme for my photo shoot is a vintage, romantic kind of feel with a modern concept, the theme came into being since my Audi 2nd year collection theme was "vintage romance", so I thought that my theme should reflect the original theme of my garments themselves. I feel the theme compliments what the garments stand for and what look they portray, using romantic settings to create a soft romantic vintage feel."

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