Wednesday, 3 June 2015

We Equip industry leaders

We Equip industry leaders 

At NWSD we equip industry leaders for success,With Nwsd's international qualifications there are endless possibilities for career options! Here are some of our graduates and their various jobs and roles in the fashion industry: 

Fashion Designer to the stars

Fashion designer to the stars
Owner and head designer at Anel Botha Couture

Owner and head designer at Kobus Rautenbach Couture 

Owner and head designer at Esmene Couture

Designer to the stars 
Head designer at Sylvester Falata
 John-Wayne Keyser
Owner and head designer at Jwk Couture
Online editor at North West School Of Design

working for Haute Bride USA 

Owner and head designer Jose De Canha Couture

proud label of two innovative young designers,
Jolandie Coetzee and Yolande Kruger

Member of the PACC and Owner and head designer
at Deep Moon

Studio Manager Anel Botha Couture

 Assistant Gert-Johan Coetzee

Assistant Designer Esmene Couture

Francoise Jeanne deVilliers
Fashion Assistant at Highbury Safika Media

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