Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Journey of my Corset - From Pen To Runway

The Journey of my corset - From pen to runway. . . 

Follow us as we take a look at  1st year student Adri Blom's Platinum Fashion Festival Ancient world undergarment show concept to collection

The first step of this process starts with a Story Board

Next Adri Moved on to Patterns using the X!act design Pattern Maker

Once the patterns are completed and checked by the lecturers Adri moved on to  Layout and cutting

Once all the pattern pieces were cut Adri moved on to Garment Construction and Fittings

Once the fittings were completed and the fitting adaptations were made Adrie moved on to the Finishing touches

With The Garments finished, it was time for them to be showcased on the Runway at the 2015 Platinum Fashion Festival


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