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NWSD Book Boutique

NWSD Book Boutique 

NWSD's Book Boutique has a range of books used in our curriculum as well as our award winning X!act design patternmaker used by all our students and many industry professionals! Get yours today! 

X!ACT Design Pattern Maker

The kit consist of
– The X!act Design Patternmaker™, designed and patented by Marlene Oosthuizen.– The Basic Block Manual, author Marlene Oosthuizen, ISBN 978-0-620-50909-1– Training DVD set

Fun, exciting, confidence-boosting, time saving and easy are but a few words that are used to describe the X!act Patternmaker.

used by many indeustry professionals such as Gert-Johan Coetzee who had the following to say:

"I use the X!act design Patternmaker to make Xact patterns for all my showstoppers, couture gowns and red carpet designs . . ."

Get Your X!act design pattern maker here

Design Principles

This is more than just a book… this is a guide that will enable you to appeal to a specific target market using the fashion design principles, whether you are a designer, stylist, merchandiser, individual consumer or fashion student. I call it ‘the tricks if the fashion trade’ because it is the foundation of your design knowledge and it develops an analytical perspective of design.

From the application of basic design terminology to styling different personalities and figures, these principles with their descriptive fashion illustrations will equip you with the need-to-know fashion knowledge.
Get Your Copy Here!

The Modern Corsetiere

According to the author, Marlene Oosthuizen of the North West School of Design, there’s a whole lot of confusion about the inner and outer corset that is often misleading if one is not sure exactly what to look for when searching for corset design methods on the internet. 

The manual helps you to make sense of the vast differences of websites and blogs which adds to misleading and confusing information found on the web. Marlene also sets apart the two worlds of the under garment and the corset-bodice.

 It details how one should understand and be aware of the differences in corset as under garments or as fashionable outerwear from designing, constructing and wearing the corset.

The book covers every aspect of corset designing and is not only for students but also for amateur designers, lecturers, corsetieres, dressmakers and couturiers.

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Design Your Price

Design Your Price is a learning and teaching guide for seamstresses, fashion students, emerging designers as well as small independent fashion retailers.

Design Your Price is more than just a guide for those starting out within the fashion industry but is a tool that can be applied on a daily basis for all costing and pricing, no matter which sector of the industry your interest lies in and no matter your level of experience.
Giving the reader an insight into everything cost related, from costing methods to material costs, production costs and retail pricing, the reader will gain a better understanding of what goes into costing and pricing in a simple, easy to read and easy to understand manner.
Whether you are in manufacturing, home sewing or retail, this guide will help to ensure your price is right for your specific target market. Written by an industry professional, experience and knowledge are prevalent throughout this book. This allows you, the reader, to gain the quickest knowledge of the best costing and pricing methods that have been tried and test and that WORK!
To Get your copy Click Here!
Whatever fashion topic you want to know more about NWSD has the book for you!

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