Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Introducing the theme for The Platinum Fashion Festival 2016

2016 Platinum Fashion Festival Theme and Concept

We are proud to announce our theme and concept for our annual fashion show.
Fashion Communication students worked on the theme looking at current and uprising trends to come up with our spectacular theme for this year that is certain to be a hit!

Second year students will do couture collections, and Third year students a RTW Buyers Collection on the decided theme. First year students will then do a all in one collection on the sub theme that borders on our main theme.

Evelyn L. Brannon talks in Fashion Forecasting about concepts referencing ethnic sources.

"The 2003 Goddess exhibit at The Costume Institution, Metropolitan Museum of Art, illustrated the point by showing the clothing of ancient Greece inspiring designers like Vionnet an Paul Poiret in the 20th century and John Galliano, Roberto Cavalli, and Yohji Yamamoto in the 21st century. 
Middle Eastern, Asian, Latin and African cultures have inspired fashion. Ethnic sources continue in colections as homage to the creativity of artists and as shorthand for the symbolic values of naturalness and authenticity."

In a short breath Tribal Ethnicity is a original and beautiful aspect of fashion which leaves enough space for students to do unique collections based on a variety of cultures.

Here are some mood boards to set in motion the build up to this years main theme for
The 2016 Platinum Fashion Festival...

First Year Installation Sub Theme

Style Tribes

A style tribe or fashion tribe is a group of people that dress in a distinctive style to show their membership in this specific group. 

We decide on six style tribes that are divided into the first year group. 

Save the date

2016 Platinum Fashion Festival
5 November 2016

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