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North West School of Design offers a variety of proudly NWSD Fashion books. 

Design Principles
ISBN 978-0-62057531-7
Author – Francoise De Villiers
Publisher – North West School of Design

This is more than just a book… this is a guide that will enable you to appeal to a specific target market using the fashion design principles, whether you are a designer, stylist, merchandiser, individual consumer or fashion student. I call it ‘the tricks of the fashion trade’ because it is the foundation of your design knowledge and it develops an analytical perspective of design.
From the application of basic design terminology to styling different personalities and figures, these principles with their descriptive fashion illustrations will equip you with the need-to-know fashion knowledge.

The Modern Corsetiere 
ISBN 978-0-620-50910-7
Author  Marlene Oosthuizen
Publisher – North West School of Design
The Modern Corsetiere, a training manual which serves as a teaching and learning guide for students at North West School of design, gives step-by-step advice and knowledge on the whole process of corset making from terminology and styles to pattern construction and sewing methods. For anyone reading the training guide, the most surprising, illuminating factor is the different types of corset-bodies styles that exist within the fashion sphere. From the most popular: hourglass, conical and waist corset shapes to tight lacers pipe stem, s-bend and others such as the Elizabethan and male corset.

According to the author, Marlene Oosthuizen of the North West School of Design, there’s a whole lot of confusion about the inner and outer corset that is often misleading if one is not sure exactly what to look for when searching for corset design methods on the internet. The manual helps you to make sense of the vast differences of websites and blogs which adds to misleading and confusing information found on the web. Marlene also sets apart the two worlds of the under garment and the corset-bodice. It details how one should understand and be aware of the differences in corset as under garments or as fashionable outerwear from designing, constructing and wearing the corset.
Oosthuizen also shares her experiences when she interviewed corset wearers. She says, “Wearers of this controversial garment have shared many corset wearing fiascos which prove that we [as designers] should keep the customer in mind before over-shaping, over-boning and over-fusing a corset-bodice.” For designers to understand how the customer would feel when wearing the garment she advises them to wear the garment for at least a period of six hours.
The book covers every aspect of corset designing and is not only for students but also for amateur designers, lecturers, corsetieres, dressmakers and couturiers.

Design your price
ISBN – 978-0-620-50911-4
Author – Marlene Oosthuizen
Publisher – North West School of Design
Design Your Price is a learning and teaching guide for seamstresses, fashion students, emerging designers as well as small independent fashion retailers.
Design Your Price is more than just a guide for those starting out within the fashion industry but is a tool that can be applied on a daily basis for all costing and pricing, no matter which sector of the industry your interest lies in and no matter your level of experience.
Giving the reader an insight into everything cost related, from costing methods to material costs, production costs and retail pricing, the reader will gain a better understanding of what goes into costing and pricing in a simple, easy to read and easy to understand manner.
Whether you are in manufacturing, home sewing or retail, this guide will help to ensure your price is right for your specific target market. Written by an industry professional, experience and knowledge are prevalent throughout this book. This allows you, the reader, to gain the quickest knowledge of the best costing and pricing methods that have been tried and test and that WORK!
From understanding the various types of costing and pricing approaches to illustrating the application of these methods, Design Your Price will equip you with the most effective and most efficient methods ensuring no time is wasted and no costs are forgotten. This is your ultimate guide to Design Your Price.


The kit consist of
– The X!act Design Patternmaker™, designed and patented by Marlene Oosthuizen.
– The Basic Block Manual, author Marlene Oosthuizen, ISBN 978-0-620-50909-1
– Training DVD set
The outstanding X!act Patternmaker was designed by the North West School of Design’s principal, Marlene Oosthuizen, in 2002 and was patented in 2003. It was also named product of the year by the South African International Trade Exhibition (SAITEX) in the same year and has received numerous design awards. The X!act Patternmaker has been featured in several publications such as Woman’s Value Magazine, Leisure Books, The Engineering News, The Business Day Newspaper and the Pursuit Clothing and Textiles Magazine to name but a few. One of the features of this remarkable product is that one can construct a basic block pattern in less than sixty seconds- a true time-saver. Another feature is that it enables one to construct thirty-three block patterns. Full-time and part-time students at the North West School of Design as well as students from other tertiary institutions make use of this award-winning product as part of their curriculum. The pattern designing- and the corset designing correspondence courses at the North West School of Design make full use of the X!act Patternmaker and these are of the most popular offered at the school. For more information and ordering. details, please visit the North West School of Design website at

BA Design have  described the use of the X!act Patternmaker as a phenomenal tool in enhancing their creative abilities. Here is  what they had to say:
“The time and effort it must have taken to perfect the design of this product amazes me.” – Leandi van Staden

“This patternmaker is very easy to work with and the corresponding steps in the booklet help make it easier to draw up the patterns.” – Mamotse Seane

“The best feature of this patternmaker is the markings on it as they are clear and precise allowing my patterns to always come out correctly.” – Marisca Koekemoer

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