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Third Years Internship Feedback

Our third years have returned from their internships and this is what they learned!

Intern Company: Sir Anthony.
Sir Anthony specializes in denim clothing. My duties here was, sewing, styling, cutting, patternmaking, image consulting, photography, modeling and being a PA. The biggest highlight and achievement on my internship was designing and making a jacket that got featured in Lifestyle Magazine. The Lifestyle Magazine is a platform for young local designers owned by Button & Dnepe.

Emmah Mulutsi
Intern Company: Anel Botha Couture
This year during winter I went to Anel Botha Couture for my Internship. I was able to earn a lot of experience and increased my knowledge and strengthen my resume’ .
Make an impact where I will work by asking for responsibility and looking for ways to achieve accomplishments. I did a lot of pattern manipulation, beading, sewing and cutting. I had the opportunity to meet different people. Laughed all day and have fun. I was able to make friends but most of all I was able to find a role model her name is Anel Botha.

Intern Company: Ree-Joy
I ‘am Tsholofelo Agrippa Moribe a third year student at NWSD Completing year 3 of 4 Towards City & Guilds Level 4 Licentiateship in Fashion and I had an opportunity to intern at Ree-Joy Studio’s.It was an opportunity of a lifetime which I’m grateful and humbled by. I gained so much experience and  good relationship’s in the fashion industry. The owner and founder of Ree-Joy is a humble person who is known for her Ready to wear/Street style.


Lisa-Marie Homman
Intern Company: Eulogeo Zeloo Couture
As a fashion student, aspiring for success as a entrepreneur and designer, I am pleased to share my internship experience at Eulogeo Zeloo Couture. I grew so much in my knowledge about the fashion industry, learning business skills and customer relations. The founders, Jolandie Coetzee and Yolande Kruger, were such humble and outspoken mentors. I definitely have a new perspective on what running a business and designing garments entails. I loved experiencing the joy in the clients, as well as the team members during the design and consultation processes. I realized the impact of expressing the importance of a client’s presence to them. It is the next step to an outstanding designer. I certainly use all that I have learned with me in the future and plan to grow even more with my experience at Eulogeo Zeloo couture.

Lesedi Maphike
Intern Company: Eboka Designs
I embarked on an internship at a prominent, retail couture store in Rosebank Mall (Johannesburg). The brand that I worked for is Eboka Designs, founded by Fred Elu Eboka. It is an African elegance entity which specializes in custom-made garments, using a mix of ethnic narratives with contemporary influences. In a retail space, I was required to attend to clients, sort and clean garments, manage the store’s diary in terms of appointments and fittings; had a hand in visual merchandising as well as sharpen my artistic skills. I was also required to run errands, use the Gautrain to travel to Eboka’s design studio in Pretoria and back to Johannesburg. The experience was fulfilling and intriguing, to have gained interpersonal skills: working with people, building my self-esteem in the workplace and being a problem-solver.

Chantelle Labuschagne
Intern Company: Esmene’ Couture and LuLu Pops & Pants

Choosing Esmene Couture & LuLu Pops & pants was a great choice for me. I did not know whether i liked doing Couture or RTW more.
Learning from the best was a real honor in seeing how different elements in fashion can form a successful business whether it is sewing, selling pricing or doing label tags.
What i enjoy most of my internship was being part of the start-up operation of LuLu Pops & pants – seeing how a shop  creates a pattern to a full garment, punting tags & pricing them.
Esmene sells & design – kids clothing from new born to 9-10 (LuLu Pops & Pants) Evening dresses, wedding dresses, Lingerie, pageant wear, metric farewell dresses, Silver jewelery as well as Swarovski elements and so much more.

Khanyisile Magudulela
Intern Company : Thula Sindi
I interned at Thula Sindi in Rosebank and his studio in Johannesburg CBD
What I did mostly was to be a right hand to whoever needed my help. I was back and forth in between the two places doing deliveries and posting to various stores that carry his merchandise and to his private clients
I was mostly based at the store as he said my strong point is working with clients and bringing life into Thula Sindi store. I was also there to assist the different stylist and companies that source out the Thula Sindi clothes and make sure that when they come back they are in the same condition as before.

Bianca Van Zyl
Intern Company: Anel Botha Couture
Ever heard of that saying “ I didn’t choose my job it chose me.” That’s how I felt with this Internship. After getting assigned to this Internship I decided to make the best of it.

 Anel Botha is famous for her Bridal dresses but she has so much more to offer.
I was assigned this designer because she is usually the Instructor that gives the Bridal Course at NWSD, her idea was to write a manual that can be given to students that enroll in the bridal course, the manual would give her personal opinion and ideas on wedding dresses.
This gave me 6 weeks to finish a book which Anel was struggling to do in 2 years.

As I went into this Internship very narrow minded, I have surely learned how to change my prospective. The work place does not care whether you’re a Fashion Designer or a Fashion Communication Student, if you can get the job done properly then do it.

I was assigned to Manage the Miss South Africa Durban July project:
From organizing shipping details for the garment.
Too actually crystallizing this garment.
And overseeing production on this garment.
Sewing sashes for Miss Sa.
Assisting with Huisgenoot  Tempo Toekenings & You Spectacular.

While at studio I also did some PA duties such as:
Scheduling appointments.
Making sure productions are on track.
Giving co- workers their job responsibilities.
Quality Control on garments entering and leaving the Couture Studio.
I also did:
Appliquéing Lace work
Window Designing
Last but not least:
The Bridal Couture Book.

Throughout this opportunity I have finished the Bridal Couture Book for NWSD , I have also secured a business relationship with Anel Botha.
I continue to work for Anel when ever she needs my help or advice.

I continue to give her trend report updates on the latest trends regarding, Bridal, Red Carpet as well as Ready to Wear.

Joane Schoeman
Intern Company: Bianca Warren
Located in Durban @ The square in Umshlanga
She set up her brand 6 years ago. Bianca Warren is a proud South African and do of all her own designs, patterns and samples.
She supplies to a few SA boutiques. She has an agent in JHB that get’s her in markets and open days.

Her line is simple, effortless and commercial.
She use a variety of fabrics and loves to get Her inspiration from traveling.
Her focus is on woman's wear targeting all race and ages
Bianca Warren - Mission statement

“I am a local proudly SA brand that strives to grow weekly. I have dreams where I want to be and am working hard to achieve those dreams.  I believe there is a gap in the market for well made proud SA woman's wear that is on trend and affordable. I will strive to bring out weekly new designs to keep the niche market I have happy.

I learn a lot at my internship at Bianca Warren: I beaded a belt for a bride, was part of the fittings and meetings. I learn how to cover buttons and applicate lace to dresses

Tips that I have for students that’s going on there internships:
1.    Be friendly at all time
2.    Do any thing and every thing (if they say bead a belt you do it!!!)
3.    Cut hem using floor to make sure you cut straight
4.    Semi Finish dresses (No zip no hem) Only added when people fits the dress
5.    Work with everyone(Learning different skills from one another)
6.    Take a change
7.    Get out of your comfort zone
8.    Make NWSD Proud

Lorinda Richter
Intern Company: Esmené Couture.

I am currently a fashion design student, dreaming of one day running my own business, doing what I love for a living. As a small fish in a big pond, {A.K,A, the fashion industry}, I could not ask for a better experience to guide me, shining a bit more light on the path to success.
When starting on the first day, I had my expectations of what the experience would be like, but at the end of the internship, my expectations were highly exceeded.
I gain experience in what I love most, sewing. I also had the privilege to interact with customers, and work with an amazing team on the day of the big opening of her new studio and children’s wear shop.
I learned a lot of how a business is run, and had a Great example of what a leader should be like, being humble, as well as being strong when needed to be.
Esmené also gave me insight on the importance of the business name, and the connection the clients wants to make with not only the name, but when interacting with you.
The experience and knowledge I gained in my time at Esmené couture, I’ll most certainly will carry with me on the road to fulfill my dream.

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