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Fashion critics review 2015 PFF Ready To Wear Collections

Third year Fashion Communication Students had to write a fashion criticism review on Ready to Wear Buyers collections from our 2015 Platinum Fashion Festival. Rating the overall success of the collection, its semiotics and trends. 

Nadine Milne reviews on Anneline Jana Fourie's Indigo Children Collection

Neo Tsebe reviews Prudence Kau's Essence of a Heroin Collection

Prudence Kau , the Alumni of North West School of Design showcased on the 6th November 2015 for the theme of Pinnacles of Fashion (Past Present Future) at the Platinum Fashion Festival. 
With her own interpretation of the PFF theme, Prudence chose to represent heroic women through the successful expression of her unique theme : Essence Of Heroine.
Prudence Kau portrayed a feeling of strength and power in each design, representing modern successful woman.
‘’We workout and we like to show it off, it’s the heroine attitude”, said Prudence Kau.  The collection had sense of royalty and luxury that embodies the sensibility with a heroic attitude.  The fabric was  fashioned with good quality and attention to detail.   This exquisite collection included peplums, structured pieces with long floor length skirts, short dresses.  Kau showcased shades of  burnt orange mixed with Rose Quartz.  
Good balance of hemlines and necklines as well as the good use of proportion in the designs, finished off with great styling, worked fantastically good together. Good use of Applied Design, with each element enhancing the other, rather than distracting from the design.
As this was her first Ready To Wear Collection, the goal was for consumers to buy as many garments as possible.  We see her trend prediction as now spot on with selected pieces available online on  
Prudence Kau eventually picked the fruit of her hard work, when she was awarded with the  Best Retail Range  at the 2015 Platinum Fashion Festival.  Prudence, all woman salute you for your wonderful achievement.

Meagan Nichols reviews Mpho Mphuti's Up Town Cool Collection

 Joane' Schoeman reviews Sindy Mare's A le Mode le Dame Collection

Stripes stormed the 2015 runways in every style you can possibly imagine—some ran horizontal while others vertical; there were thick lines and super skinny ones, too. Stripes don't necessarily have to walk the straight and narrow path.
At the Platinum Fashion Festival in 2015 Sindy Marè made her collection one to remember.  Ensuring the clever and conventional use of asymmetrical black-and-white stripes, she had a collection that stood out.  Staying on the right side of the fashion trend cycle, with the classic black and white, which I find as a winner in every wardrobe, her stripes went in every direction. I can definitely see that she accurately did her research in designing this wonderful range.

A LE MODE LE DAME successfully reached her target market of young affluent woman between the age of 23 and 40. Her ten look ready-to-wear collection flows in very well with the abstract designs and asymmetrical black and white lines, which ties her whole collection as one. The printing was very unique and this set her collection apart from the other designers. She got her inspiration from a tiger that was hunted down and killed, which is one of the animals on the endangered list.

I feel that this collection is not only a retail buyer’s must-see, but is something a Kardashian would wear.   Many of the details featured in this collection has hit the retail stores which proves that Sindy hit the target with her trend prediction of long flare points on the sides, the halter necks, the off- the- shoulder tops and the round necklines.

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