Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Fashion Criticism by Joane Schoeman

A sense of modernity By JOane Schoeman

Stripes stormed the spring/summer 2016 runways in every style you can possibly imagine—some ran horizontal while others vertical; there were thick lines and super skinny ones, too. Stripes don't necessarily have to walk the straight and narrow path.
At the Platinum fashion festival in 2015 Sindy Marè made her collection one to remember.  Making use of Asymmetric black-and-white stripes. Staying on the fashion cycle with the classic colours black and white. Her stripes went in every direction. I can definitely see that she did her research properly getting a head start on the trends that will be hitting stores in the next season.

A LE MODE LE DAME reached her target market through young affluent woman between the age of 23 and 40. Her collection flows in very well with the abstract designs and Asymmetrical black and white lines, which ties her whole collection as one. The printing was very special and unique from the other designers. She got her inspiration from a tiger that was hunted down and killed.  She really captured the audience`s attention with her ready-to-wear collection.

I kind of feel like this collection is something a Kardashian would wear because of their stylist, Monica Rose. She always has them wearing midi-length dresses and skirts. So this collection is perfect for their wardrobe. The details on the designs are just as good: the long flare points on the sides, the halter necks, the off- the- shoulder tops and the round necklines. We have already seen some of these designs in store and online.

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