Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Fashion Criticism by Megan Nicholls

 “Up Town Cool” 

By Megan Nicholls

The talented designer Mpho Mphuti took the runway by storm with his 2015/2016 Spring Summer Ready to Wear collection. This collection gives you the sense of very sporty, yet very street savvy garments with a dash of elegance. The theme “Up Town Cool” represents your daily outfits with some kind of twist on the ordinary, it portrays the ideals of a modern young woman.
This colour scheme of the collection is what really brings the collection together. Mpho knew how to grab his audience’s attention with his bold yet minimalistic colours , such as, moss green, shock white, shock black, cassis, shock pink, pure orange and a few more. The necklines differ from plunging necklines, to a chokers to straight necklines, giving each design a look of its own without taking it away from the whole. By using shorts, skirts and dresses each with a different length, he did not limit himself to only one style. Mphuti used different stitching techniques that suits the fabric and the look.
The collection is very trend forward and accepted by the public. His collection is being sold on iWearNwsd, a student based online store that allows students to sell their one of a kind garments to the public. This collection could also be sold in retail stores that targets young woman between the ages of 18-25.
Mphuti defiantly did his research before hand, looking at his target market, the runway trends and keeping an eye on what young woman wear on a day to day basis. I must say, being a young woman myself this collection is defiantly a winner. By having overall knowledge before starting to design his collection, he did not just intrigue and surprise the audience and media, but he is also building himself a name in the buyers circle.

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