Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Fashion Criticism By Nadine Milne

New flow on IndigoByNadine Milne

Jana Fourie
took that moment and claimed it hers – the freedom to walk the runway barefoot and in that this nelipot designer herself became the final piece to her collection that night. Her approach to her collection is unconventional and primarily marketed for the fashion forward late teens and young adults.

That is a good thing.

As for jana’s inspiration to her collection, voicing indigo children are the new age concept some definitely find eerie. The second part of her inspiration that stamps the whole of the concepts is, space. Finding nebula photography to inspire and capture the beautiful colours and effects of interstellar on her garments is interesting. The galaxy detail on Jana garments forms a soft flow in the collection. One comment from a design student who attended and show cased at the Platinum Fashion Festival 2015 said: “Stylistically the elements are very creative in terms of the fabric dying methods, but it’s not your everyday kind of look. It is very risqué.”

She work out the sartorial effects and this made her work stand out both on and off the runway,  amid the other vast collections that was sure to fill the air November 2015 at the Platinum Fashion Festival and even now for any buyer, moved by Jana’s intriguing collection.

Jana Fourie’s daring and soft feminine ready-to-wear garments were made from white shade of scuba and soft sheer fabrics. To

create the unique galaxy inspired details she had to dye the fabrics in hues of blues, purples and pinks. Combining flairs, tubular and hourglass silhouettes to fit the “out of this world” concept. These looks predominantly inspired by the 70’s and 90’s style, referencing the past that incorporates a grungy and bohemian feel.

It is still a kind of beautiful, to witness the designers bona fide personality on such an occasion. You don’t find many designers these days that is willing to show the spectator their identity, a transparency of who they are behind their designs. Jana became part of her collection – the final look. “being able to see true beauty in others and everywhere around your life, the door is open to create more and better”.

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