Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Floating in Fashion

You’re planning a trip to the beach over the December holiday. Snacks are picked out, your favourite bottle of wine on ice. You just know you’re about to create new spectacular memories with friends and family. But wait…. What are you going to wear? That little red number from the summer of 2011, or maybe the blue one mom bought you last year? You think to yourself, “the red one doesn’t fit me anymore, the Lycra must have shrunk. And I’ll be definite shark bait with that blue one looking like a dolphin. “

The obvious thing to do is run to our dear friend pinterest. Scrolling, scrolling and yes! You found the perfect swimsuit. Excitement builds up and you reach for the selfie stick already. But where are you going to find this amazing swimsuit on such short notice?
That’s why NWSD offers a swimsuit course. We found that people even seek fashion when they’re swimming with the fishes (literally speaking of course). So why not make your own? The swimwear course covers garment construction of swimwear, textile knowledge regarding swimwear and the latest and hottest trends.

Registrations are now open. Classes start the 6th of March until the 10th of March from 09:00am-13:00pm. For more information regarding our swimwear visit our Facebook page or contact us at Charles@nwsd.co.za
So don’t go into a panic about looking like an endangered species swimming on the coral reefs, register for swimwear and create a look that will wash even Aphrodite off from her shell.

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