Friday, 24 February 2017

Photography brought to life

NWSD had its annual photography exhibition on the 23rd of February whereby Part Time Photography exhibited their work to the public. Lecturer, Salome Kotze, applaud her students for showcasing on a public platform and bearing their work to the world.

Photos came to life from all corners from the world. From the backyard of a little girl playing in the mud, to the umbrella roof shining luminance throughout Mauritius. You truly did experience a variety of emotions while gracefully walking past each photograph.

Melancholy, jubilance, bewilderment are only a few emotions experienced by our guests. This is ultimately what our photographers wanted to achieve. To spark that emotion within the viewer. To tell a story, a series of events though one picture.

The ambiance within the exhibition room was of pure excitement. The guests arrived and was mesmerized by what the photography students has put on display.

Truly this is yet again a testimonial of the hard work, dedication and loyalty NWSD has towards its part time students. We wish to congratulate each student on exhibiting their work and each student that won a prize. 

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