Monday, 6 February 2017

The changing face of initiation

The changing face of initiation.

As a fashion institution, it seems only fitting that we welcome and initiate our first year students in a fashionable manner. But after the recent controversy regarding initiation in schools and tertiary institutions, we at NWSD are proud to say that “teambuilding is the new initiation”
Team building exercises have undergone a negative shift in image in the past but are now surfacing as an essential part of any serious business. A strong team who know they can rely on each other will outperform others in all areas. With trust in the team and fellow students, students at all levels will perform at their best.

And this all starts with the 3rd years of 2017. With a welcome heart and a warming smile each 1st year student is uplifted, inspiring the power and talent they have within themselves. Fun-filled exercises such as impersonating a 3rd year, dressing in vintage couture and dressing as your favourite fashion figure has let the 1st years out of their shells.
And fashion-lympics are on the way. On the 10th of February three teams, Versace (the winning team of 2016), Gucci & Chanel will battle in out in various teambuilding challenges. Fashionable swimming, 100m in high heels and blindfolded couture relay are just a few to mention.

We welcome our first year students yet again and invite you to become part of the NWSD family. Our business is to create, whether it is clothing or positive character skills within each other. We are NWSD, we are a team and we are fashion!

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