Thursday, 9 March 2017

Bespoke? Fitting? Yes, it’s simply tailored

Our 3rd year students started with tailoring this week. It’s hard to imagine that they were only 1st years a short while ago. Scared of what lies ahead and the unknown of fashion. Today they are thriving young designers aspiring to take the industry by storm.

Starting with tailoring seemed like a challenge at first, but soon enough fashion became once again easy with the knowledge and understanding of patterns.
The classroom is filled with excitement about fabric and colour choices. You might see a frown here or there when the occasional sunshine yellow is mention. And then…. Scrap the yellow and go for elegant, classy, breath-taking and well-tailored.

Ideas are thrown around as students share their thoughts, change designs and discuss what tailoring might bring. I know that each and every student sees this as a challenge, but a jubilant one at best! The passion our students have for expanding their knowledge and learning new things is an inspiration to the entire college.

We wish our 3rd years well with this challenge and are waiting in anticipation for the final result!

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