Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Holiday Blues!

It’s been a long busy term, and finally varsity closed! This is your time to rest, sleep in and catch up on all the stuff you think you’ve been missing out on. But before you turn into a couch potato here's a few ways for you to manage your time well and be ready for the next term.

Before getting carried away on the rest that is coming your way, don’t chuck your books away until you reopen again, instead, recap on all the academic work that you’ve been doing. This is also a great way to study and keep the mind active. It’s also time to get a jump start on planning next term while you have time and there’s no time like the present!

If you live far away from home, maybe you would want to consider visiting home and enjoying the benefits of being home – groceries, home cooked meals, satellite and spending quality time with the family. There’s also no better way than offloading to the people who care about you and they definitely won’t mislead you. Do what makes you happy, find yourself. Exercise and stay healthy and combat the holiday bulge by keeping up with a regular exercise regimen. You’ll look – and, more importantly, feel – better. Remember to read too.

You might as well start looking into ways of making extra money that will give you a boost in varsity without letting it disturb your studies of course. This can be anything from applying for internships, volunteering or even waitressing just over the weekends.
Very Important!! Now is also the perfect time to get everything in order, starting with your room, laundry and everything else that you have been neglecting. Cleaning up your living space gives you inner peace and happiness.

We as students tend to get overwhelmed very quickly. So during this break, sit back, re-analyse everything and work even harder towards your dream! Remember, dreams don't work unless you do!

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