Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Anel Botha, 21st Century Woman- by Kalib Monroe

You get that annual phone call from your cousin twice removed asking for advice on a dress or suitable places to purchase such an extravagant item. You know this is the first call of many all about the same event you hadn’t expected to appear so soon. Being a fashion student and all, surely you must know what you’re talking about. 

Suddenly the Miss South-Africa 2017 gowns become topic of the conversation, and one name fills one’s mind. Anel Botha. Dedicated to her craft, Anel & her staff start 7am sharp. Sometimes even earlier while the rest of us are still looking for our morning source of energy. The rest of the population is stuck in traffic yelling at their fellow drivers, while this team prepares to meet their weekly goals.

 Anel Botha has made headlines with her breath taking designs worn by stars all over the country. Famous for her wedding and metric farewell gowns, Anel Botha Couture has become a popular name in such conversations I find myself in. 

 Now the Estee Lauder social media ambassador has her eyes set on a new venture called Calvers.  A store located in Klerksdorp that targets a different segment in the market. This store offers existing gowns from Morilee, Enzoani, Mac Duggal and Anel Botha Couture, all available to be ordered immediately. But what’s the difference between Anel Botha Couture and Calvers? At Calvers clients can see and fit these gowns in store and place an order if they found what they were looking for. Anel Botha Couture on the other hand offers one-of-a-kind garments made to measure according to a client’s measurements.

We as South-Africans spend weekends over sitting in front of the telly, eyes pierced to several reality shows. I can personally vouch for this as my girlfriends and I are addicted to “ Say Yes To The Dress “. We see how Americans do things and subconsciously we expect the same on this side of the Atlantic. Well now we have it!
When asked how she will manage her time with running Anel Botha Couture and Calvers this is what the designer had to say, “Planning, Planning and more planning! Amazing staff and a very helpful husband!”

This 21st century wonder woman also has big dreams for Calvers. In the future Anel hopes that Calvers will grow to stock a bigger variety of garments and also suits for men to come and fit with their bride or date and possibly develop the store into a franchise stretched all across the globe.
So in all honesty I can say that I am ready for the tsunami of family members that will be overflowing my doorstep in the next few months, because my answer will be the same. “Why don’t you go visit Calvers? “.

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