Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Platinum Fashion Festival Trends 2017

Our fashion communication and buying students along with Principal Marlene Oosthuizen plan the event in sordid detail for each Platinum Fashion Festival. Herewith follows the trends for 2017.

The backdrop will stay the same as the previous year only with the elevated ramp.

The chairs will be covered with black and white chair covers (one row white one row black) the seating will look the same as last year except the pavilions will be taken out and the moderators and media will be seated at the end of the ramp on levelled seating.

The lighting will be the same as the previous year, but with no coloured lighting.

Hair & Make-up will be confirmed closer to date as more trends will be analysed up to October.

Putting a fashion show together seems easy, but what happens backstage is rarely seen by all.  
Analysing of trends, deciding on possible venues, Lighting, Seating are just few of the many things that our events team manages.

Head over to our facebook page to see the inspiration video behind the theme of the Platinum Fashion Festival 2017 and keep an eye out for more event developments.


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