Thursday, 13 July 2017

How to know if fashion design is for you.

You watch Fashion TV non-stop, new ideas keep coming to you and you always give tips on the do’s and don’ts at family gatherings. But how do you know if fashion design is for you. Here are the most essential points to remember when you are considering studying fashion design.

Forget 24/7 glamour
Fashion can be a very stressful career choice: It is perceived as a glamorous career but that can be far from reality. The fashion world runs on deadlines and each and every one has to be met with severe punctuality.

Ok, let’s think about job prospects here, as fashion is not an art, it is an industry. Even if you want to start your own company, you will have to work to get experience. Ask yourself these questions, What jobs are out there? What does the job entail? Is this something you want to do every day?

This is very important.  So you’ve decided there’s a job out there for you, so you need to learn the skills to get employed. What schools do you want to go to? What do they require for entry? Does the school have a good reputation? Never trust the school or their sales people, do the research on your own. What will you learn on the course? Is it what you want to do?

Are you connected?
The fashion industry is about who you know, so if you don’t know anyone, how will you find them? Will you meet the right people through school? You’ll need to meet the right people, so think about how you are going to do this.

Do you have a passion for it?
Being passionate about fashion is not about reading Vogue and owning a Gucci bag. . Having a passion means suffering abuse from your psychotic boss during fifteen hour workdays and spending your money on fabric instead of rent while you try and make a name for yourself as a designer.

Think about what you'll bring to internships as well as what they can offer: Are the companies that you want to intern with going to teach you skills that are relevant to your future career goals?
How you are perceived on social media
You never know who might be looking at your online profiles. So posting pictures about how sloshed you got at your sisters 21st last weekend with the hash tag #YOLO is not going to utter professionalism on your part. These days people do a social media search first before they employ you.

 These are in my opinion the most crucial things to consider when you want to study fashion design. But don’t be frightened fashion design is a great career choice. And obtaining your skills at North West School of Design will make you an even better fashion designer.

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