Tuesday, 1 August 2017

3rd Years Say ‘I Do‘

Every year the North West School of Design presents the 3 day bridal challenge. Based on project runway principles, our students have to design, develop and create a wedding gown by making a pattern on the dress form in only three days.
The nerves were hanging like a thick cloud of cold in the air on the morning the theme is presented. On any given day you will hear chatter and laughter fill the classroom, but on this particular morning silence was the only sound one could hear.
Presented by principal, Marlene Oosthuizen, the theme came as quite a shock to most students. But then again I have to say we all had a cathedral gown in mind. This was ultimately the time for every 3rd Year student to prove what they can do. 
‘My Early Morning Wedding ‘- First initial thought, ‘Who gets married in the morning? ‘
But the trend analysis proved us wrong. Wedding gowns created for a morning wedding showed that elegance and design aesthetic does not fade into oblivion. From short vintage inspired gowns, to a floor-length lace embellished gown, ‘My Early Morning Wedding ‘seemed more appealing by the moment.
Students jumped away immediately with the design process and pattern making. Soon the silence disappeared and you could hear the excitement behind the sewing machine.
3 days later the big reveal takes place before a panel of judges. Students and models line up with their designs adding a last touch of lip-gloss as the bride rushes to be seen. 

Once every bride has been seen in her perfect day attire, it’s time to announce the winners. In third place, Palesa Maimane. Second place, Cj Gill. And the winner is, Neo Martin Tloome.
The bride’s bouquet has been thrown and you might ask who caught it? Well, each and every student who showcased their bridal creation.

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