Thursday, 3 August 2017

Meet NWSD Alumni Anel Botha Class of 2006

A well-known name in the fashion industry. A pillar of her community and a charming smile always grazes her face. Anel Botha has built a fashion reputation for herself that continues to exceed one’s expectations.
In 2004 Botha won the ‘Design your future ‘bursary and she started her career at North West School of Design. ‘Always taking on extra work. From day one she was very focused on quality and deadlines’ – explains principal Marlene Oosthuizen when asked about Botha’s student career.

In 2006 she won the Designer of the Year award and this achievement was a promise of only great things to follow.  Anel continued after her graduation with an internship at Micheal Bezuidenhout and she ventured forward by opening a studio with NWSD Alumni Jose De Canha. 
Both went their separate ways and Botha started to make waves within the fashion industry. Lectures express that she was often hard on herself during her studies but in the end it has paid off.

Since then she has been described numerous times as ‘Designer to the Stars ‘, and the name truly does say it all. Botha’s designs have been seen on the red carpet at every prestigious event. Her bridal abilities stretches across the country and matric girls flock together when the season takes wind.
Botha is also the official sponsor of the Miss South Africa Pageant for evening wear and she continues to dress the winner during her year of reign. 

But most importantly, Anel is at heart still the same kid she was when she started at NWSD. You would never pass her without being greeted by a warm smile and a kind “Hello Darling!”. Her graze and elegance continues to be an inspiration to our students and graduates!

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