Friday, 11 August 2017

Thespian talents to be showcased.

The theme for the Platinum Fashion Festival 2017 has been announced as “Thespian Wardrobe “. I must say not everyone knows what a thespian is, we all know what an actor or actress is, but thespian was a term foreign to most. It’s quite an old way of addressing an individual who works in the theatre arts.
As per usual Google was to the rescue. According to the dictionary thespian refers to drama and the theatre or an actor or actress. And so the excitement kicked in among the students of North West School of Design. 
 This is what we have been waiting for, to recreate some of the most iconic fashion statements made in musical theatre, cinema and television. 

Each year students have a one on one presentation regarding their designs and collections with principal Marlene Oosthuizen and lecturers. This year is especially special because all forms of drama took to fashion in the designs of students.
 Couture collections inspired by fairy tales, melancholic dramas and riveting thrillers. First year students were assigned various musicals in groups of 5. Be prepared to be transported to musicals that made political and humanitarian statements in the late 1970’s. 
 RTW collections are focused on a target market in order for the collections to be sellable and appealing to the audience. Although the theme can be incorporated to the designs, it is more important to create a sellable collection because the success of a designer is measured sales.

The Platinum Fashion Festival promises to be an eruption of Thespian Wardrobe. Be sure to book your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment.

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