Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Team Behind the Platinum Fashion Festival

Everyone knows that a fashion show is an exciting happening at North West School of Design.  This year celebrating our 15th year of fashion tuition, we are celebrating the Platinum Fashion Festival.

Herewith is the team behind the Platinum Fashion Festival.

“On behalf of myself and Marlene, I hereby wish to thank each one of these students for their dedication, commitment and continuous hard work ensuring that this year’s Fashion Show be such a huge success ...”

Stacey Grant – Fashion Show Director – 3rd year Fashion Management and Communication is the Fashion Show Director.  She has an array of responsibilities but she must ensure that the whole event runs smoothly. 
She scheduled all meetings between staff and students and liaises with the principal on budget-related matters and the Fashion Show matters with the Program Manager of the Fashion show.

 Ezrah Ranjato (3rd year Fashion Management and Communication) student and David Ndumba
(1st year) student portfolio is that of Venue Coordinators.
They are to ensure that security prior and during the show is met.  They must also organise with the Fashion Show Director that seating plans coincide the budget and make sure that all areas frequented by guests are clean and safe.

Chandre Soru (3rd year Fashion Management and Communication) student and Jenine Grobler (1st year) student portfolio is that of Front of House.  They are the hostesses at the event, and had to design a network area and organise the red-carpet area whereby guests can have their photographs taken. 

 Marvin Masike (2nd year) Fashion Management and Rebaone Malane (`1st year) has the duty of Technical Coordinators.  They must ensure that all slideshows regarding student collections get allocated to the correct scenes.  Music selection for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year collections/ranges are also part of their duties.  The organising of the photographers and videographers also form part of their portfolio.

Marjorie Olifant (2nd year) Fashion Management student heads up the Backstage Coordinator and Styling Coordinator.  What this briefly entails is that she must ensure all models are 100% before they proceed on the ramp. 
The hair and make-up of the models are also to be done in accordance to specifications.  The backstage area is also her department and she is to ensure that all backstage members of the fashion show get their backstage passes and return them after the fashion show.

Kimberley Madangure (2nd year) and Bianca van Zijl(1st year) Fashion Management and Communication students are the Catering Coordinators.  The food and beverages of the Platinum Fashion Festival is their baby.  Ensuring the quality of food and beverages served to the guests are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the palette.  They must also liaise with Round Table 45 that alcohol to be served to guests.  They must also make sure that no alcohol to be served to guests younger than 18.

Charlie Sattertwhaite (2nd year) and Bianca van Zijl (1st year) has the responsibility of PR Coordinator and Tickets.  They are to ensure the whole marketing of the event runs smoothly.  They liaise very carefully with the media regarding pre-press releases and post press-releases.  They are also responsible to welcome and escort media when they attend the event. 

Tickets booked online for guests form part of their duties, as to issue them to guests when they arrive at the show.

Monique de Ponte  (2nd year) and Lebogang Kepadisa (1st year) has the duty of Model Coordinators.  They are responsible to host the model casting and to contact the models regarding their fitting schedules on fitting days as well as the Dress Rehearsal and Fashion Show. 

Carla Ackermann (2nd year Fashion Management and Communication) student has the duties of Entertainment Coordinator which mainly entails her to organise the after-party for the students and Student Liaison, as this duty is to ensure that all the students participating in the Work through the Night is catered for (their stomaches) and also their general well-being.  She must motivate, monitor and guide students.  She must also get in contact with students if they have to order any sewing equipment and liaise it directly with the principal.

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  1. Hey I had attended your fashion show. It was superb. Everything was perfect. Now I am very happy to see your event planning team. They managed everything perfectly. Well done girls!! Keep it up!