Monday, 20 February 2017

Picasso with mascara instead of paint.

Not only do you learn to use a makeup brush like Picasso uses his paint brush, you obtain business valuable skills.
- The use of specialised lighting of Media and Commercials
- Make-up for black & white and colour for Photographic shoots
- Make-up for Avant Garde for T.V. and Ramp Shows
- Make-up for mannequins and cabaret
- Fantasia make-up for Fashion and T.V.
- Glamour make-up for Fashion, Ramp and T.V.
- Application of false eyelashes for top and bottom

A word from makeup lecturer Michal Samovich:
“ My journey started at Kohl Make-Up Academy in Greenside. I found my passion and I knew I was on the right path when I was awarded student of the year – by volunteering on shoots and learning as much as possible about the different aspects of the industry and the drive to achieve top scores.

Once I graduated I took to the role as an assistant for any job available and managed to get into Queen Motlatle's make-up team for the Fifa World Cup opening and closing ceremonies.
This opened a whole world of opportunities for me

Through the years I grow in the makeup industry with  big commercial shoots, movies, live events, bridal and my biggest To mention a few national events I've taken part in : the National Teachers Award; Metro FM Awards; South Africa Sports Awards; ANC 100th birthday ceremony and African Youth Games opening ceremony in Botswana 2014. “

Michal is one of the leading makeup artists in SA, she has worked on big commercial shoots, movies, live events, bridal, education and television, and have been fortunate to work with some of the most renowned names in the industry.
Michal has always found joy in educating others and giving people the right tools to use, whether it is giving private make-up lessons to clients, make-up workshops for corporate clients or lecturing at make-up schools and institutions. Michal definitely regards Make-up as her calling.

 Fashion makeup will equipt you with a skill to transform a bride or a matric farewell girl into their best self. You're not creating an illusion, you're only highlighting a picture that was already there.

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