Monday, 13 February 2017

Touch down for Fashion-Lympics

There’s a secretive buzz around the college. Private quiet meetings every afternoon. You would almost think there’s no student present, until you hear the chants! Like thunder roaring, students practice their creeds.
“Gucci’s dynamite, don’t mess with dynamite! Gucci’s Dynamite don’t mess with dynamite! Cause if you mess with dynamite, you’ll go tick, tick, tick, tick BOOOM dynamite! BOOM BOOM dynamite! “ fills the air and you get that spirit fever! Although each team’s strategy is very secretive, you can see the excitement among the students for the Annual Fashion-Lympics 2017.

The three fashion houses went head to head in various activities. Shot-put, Javelin, 100m, Stylish relay blindfolded were some of the activities these teams challenged each other in. Chanel (the pink team) creed included a stylish gumboot military chant, uniting the team! Gucci (the yellow team) chanted in an African language that stroke fear in the heart of the other teams, and made the hair rise on your arm from excitement. Versace (the green team) chanted as a unity while slowly moving stylishly towards the ground.

Gucci took the spirit cup of 2017, and Chanel claimed the winning cup. Several records were beaten from 2016 and new ones were made to be challenged in 2018! But even though the 3 teams played against each other, NWSD remained a unity. NWSD was the ultimate team, and it showed among the students after the activities were over.
All the students gathered around each other. Blankets and chairs were put out; drinks and snacks were shared by everyone. The boys stared the braai, and the girls tended to the buns. The staff interacted with students and so the social activities began. Everyone started chanting as a unity, and played a dance off game.

This truly is a testimony of the unity NWSD has among its students and staff.  Our motto is after all “Work hard, Play Hard “ and boy oh boy did we ever. Being part of the NWSD family guarantees you friends for a lifetime.
At the end of the day everyone left a winner. Fashion-Lympics 2017 may be over for now, but we remain a group, a unity and a family. Together we will work hard towards making 2017 a huge success and we’re looking forward to Fashion-Lympics 2018. You never know, we might even have a Winter-Lympics, just to create even more memorable moments to carry with us forevermore.

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