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Why Students Chose North West School of Design

Why students chose North West School of Design

It is that time of year that NWSD, like many other fashion colleges are inundated with applications to register for fulltime fashion studies.  All these fashion hopefuls have one concern in common – how to choose the right fashion college?  Fashion training, as a specialized field in higher education can end up costing much more than more conventional and regular training programmes and because they are buying something that is life determining, future fashion students must rely on the credibility of the institution they are applying to. 
NWSD ranks and measures their quality of fashion education by means of student & graduate reviews.  NWSD students were asked why they chose this college, and their responses will give you an idea of this institution’s track record.

1.                   A Choice in Fashion

The best thing about fashion is the wealth of opportunities Careers in Fashion it offers, but school leavers rarely grasp the vastness of the global fashion industry and they, like many believe that fashion training only leads to a career as a fashion designer.  NWSD introduces first year students to the global scope of the industry so that they can, after six months of studying fashion make a well informed choice of continuing in the field of Fashion Design or moving over to the Fashion Management & CommunicationCourse. 

2.                   International Qualifications

North West School of Design is internationally recognized with a globalized curriculum. NWSD fulltime courses have certificate, diploma, first degree, degree, honours and masters degree exit levels based on the International City & Guilds qualifications stature.
NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN is an approved (registered and accredited) CITY AND GUILDS. (Centre no: 848446). City & Guilds London Institute was founded in 1878 and is a well known and respected name worldwide in vocational education and training and commands respect from candidates and employers alike. Because NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN offer diploma and degree courses that ultimately lead to Foreign Qualifications, they are accredited with City and Guilds, and not with a SETA, SAQA, CHE or DOE.

3.                   Online Learning System
NWSD leads the way in fashion education as the first SA fashion college to merge contact learning and teaching with an integrated online learning system.  The NWSD learning management system is a an online system for managing training and educational records to distributing course work, manuals, class schedules, assignment dates and calendars. 
The NWSD online learning system lower costs, allows for faster delivery of teaching materials, aids students in more effective learning and has a lower environmental impact.

4.                   100 Years Combined Experience
NWSD has recently celebrated their 16th birthday and with 16 years of educating experience and the academic staff of NWSD holds more than 100 years of experience within the fashion industry, with a good mix of couture, retail, mass production and entrepreneurial studies.

5.                   Always Evolving
“With their hands on approach and care, the NWSD is the best place to go if you want to make it as a designer in this cut-throat industry. They don't waste time when teaching you the best techniques and business skill. With a principal that never stops bettering her knowledge and experience and a very capable staff, it all comes down to the bottom line: The business of Fashion!" Gert Johan Coetzee - Celebrity Designer & Specialist couturier NWSD Graduate Class of 2004 & 2005.

A college is ranked by its staff, students and research.  NWSD can continually evolve because of ongoing industry research and keeping abreast of the latest industry developments.  The Fashion Modules and courses that were lectured in 2014 is totally different from modules that were lectured in 2003. 

6.                   Alumni
NWSD alumni are this institution’s greatest success stories who have a permanent relationship with the principal. 


7.                   Fashion Shows

NWSD has recently hosted their 15th annual graduation fashion show by introducing the first Platinum Fashion Festival.  This sold out event testifies of great community support as well as media and industry support.  Students all agree that the most remarkable thing of the 2014 Platinum Fashion Festival was the vibrancy of the audience which confirmed the great success of the shows. 

The 2015 Platinum Fashion Festival is already booked as a 2 day event which includes not only student collections but will also create a platform for emerging designers, a food fair and a designer’s fair.  The objective is to host a fashion festival for fashion lovers and not necessarily only fashion leaders.

8.                   The NWSD Family
NWSD embraces an extensive community of diverse people.  Students come from all four corners of SA as well as Namibia and as far as Madagascar.  Because fashion is all around us, the dynamic world of fashion is not limited to SA’s bigger cities.   Because Klerksdorp is central, safer than larger cities and offers more affordable accommodation, parents are not as reluctant to send their young adults to an out-of-town college. 

9.                   Work Hard, Play Hard
There is a lot of great things about NWSD’s world of fashion – the excitement, the creativity, the buzz, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s all glitz and glam.  NWSD students develop a culture of productivity and they soon adopt the creed of Work Hard, and Play Hard. 

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