Friday, 18 March 2016

IWearNWSD : Fashion flair from our runway to your closet

IWearNWSD : Fashion flair from our runway to your closet

Where Garments walk directly from the runway into the online store

IWearNWSD is the first online shop in South Africa started by a tertiary education institution that offers quality clothing shopping from the comfort of your own home. The North West School Of Design has created this retail platform for it's students who showcase their collections at the annual Platinum Fashion Festival. North West School Of Design Alumni can also benefit from Iwear NWSD as a cosignatory retail platform.

IWearNWSD already gives design students of this prestigious college a toe in the pool as it promotes these talented emerging designers, Not only does it promote current fashion design students, but also its Alumni as established or emerging fashion brands. With Collections from well known NWSS Alumni Such as Anel Botha and Kobus Rautenbach, this online store promises to be a chiffarobe that will even have the stars at it's doorstep.

This store's mission and objectives walks hand in hand with the college's mission and objectives. North West School Of Design has as its mission to be a college for Christian Tertiary Education that shows distinction and excellence, striving towards and piloting fashion training in South Africa and neighboring countries, IWearNWSD aligns well with these objectives, being the first of it's kind in fashion training.

  iWear NWSD is an online store planned, managed and administrated by North West School of Design Fashion Communication & Buying Students.  iWearNwsd therefore creates an ongoing realistic, fashion related  project to enable
Fashion-Comm students with the necessary tools and experience for their Licentiateship In Fashion exam and for relevant industry experience. Fashion-Comm students will get to use profits made through sales, to fund their vocational tours and research.

The Platinum Fashion Festival hosted by the North West School Of Design, has as it's initial goal, to turn thius fashion college's annual graduation fashion show into an official fashion event with the aim of bringing together the North West's Leading Influencers , designers, and fashion followers, in style and extravagance. The Platinum Fashion Festival provides A Platform for creative designers to showcase their talent, boost their confidence, and develop collections that were developed on market and trend research as well as a realistic industry related conceptualising processes. Student designers are able to make industry contacts and to network with South African Fashion Leaders, Buyers and Media. Garments showcased at this show will directly walk from the runway into the online store.

Behind the scenes of the Platinum Fashion Festival, design students are fitting and altering garments, ready for their big debut. Models queue up to get their hair and make-up done, moving stylishly to the dressing rooms. A s a buzz stirs up outside, students start to dress the models in evening couture, ready to wear collections and Avant Garde creations.


I WearNWSD also has a behind the scenes moment or two of it's own. From the surveys sent out to various people to decide the perfect name for the store, to the stylist lying on the floor to flare a dress out on the mannequin while the photographer searches for the perfect angle. Passion and authenticity is what lies behind IWearNWSD along with Hard Work, perseverance, and diligence. The Public only see the final garment on the runway, but few know about the hard work and dedication that goes into a design. That is why IWearNWSD will be producing quality garments, friendly service and customer satisfaction for every shopper out there.

All Garments sold on IWearNWSD have been developed with the award winning X!act Design Patternmaker 

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