Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Fashion Criticism by Neo Tshebe

Essence of a heroin collectionNeo Tshebe

Prudence Kau , the alumni of North West School of Design on the 6th November 2015 for the theme of Pinnacles of fashion(Past Present Future) at the Platinum Fashion Festival she interpreted the essence of heroine. She chose unique models to be the face of her ready to wear collection for the buyers. And she chose to represent heroic women all over to express the theme: Essence Of Heroine.
Prudence Kau had a feeling of strength and power.

‘’We workout and we like to show it off’’, it’s the heroine attitude. Prudence Kau’s collection, fabric and everything has sense of royalty and luxury that embodies the sensibility with a heroine attitude.  The fabric/cloth  fashioned in a good quality performance and has rich details. The Collection had peplum, long floor length skirt, shades of orange, rose quartz colour and it’s the way to create emphasize. Exaggerated sleeves.
Has balance of hemlines and necklines, the proportion of the design and added accessory look good together. Design is applied well, each element enhances the others, rather than distracting from the design.

As this is the buyer’s collection, the goal is for consumers to buy as many garments as possible. The looks are suitable for a heroic movie wardrobe. They are just perfect and are going to be memorable. Because now we are starting to see more strong female characters that challenge gender roles by refusing to sit in the corner and look pretty. –Maybe in pop fiction.

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