Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fashionably Global

NWSD now internationally recognized with globalized curriculum.

South African fashion has recently equalized with globalization, and this is evident in the influx of global brands coming into South Africa, such as Zara, TopShop, Forever New, Burberry, Cotton On, Factorie and Mango.  Everyone is talking globalization.  The South African fashion industry has undergone major shifts with globalization of markets and supply chain as designers and manufacturers look further than their own back door when looking for suppliers and when placing their products in the market.    Inevitably then; Globalization of fashion has become an integral part of the new fashion curriculum at North West School of Design. 

                             South Africa                                                 France


According to Marlene Oosthuizen, principal of North West School of Design, the SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority Qualifications) Bachelor of Arts:  Fashion Design Programme has not been assessed internationally and it is for this reason that she has opted to apply through City & Guilds for international approval.    “It is vital that our training is internationally recognized, as more and more of our graduates are employed globally and have ventured into the global arena with supplying their collections to global stores.”

“The application and assessment process has been tough but worthwhile and we are pleased that North West School of Design has been approved due to our compliance of City & Guilds’ policies, regulations, requirements, procedures and guidelines for delivering international qualifications”.

                                  Korea                                                       Italy


City & Guilds is a well known and respected name worldwide in vocational education and training and commands respect from candidates and employers alike.  This aligns well with North West School of Design’s mission to ensure our curriculum caters for future designers and fashion professionals who are globally competent in terms of quality, price and supply chain management. 

                                Netherlands                                               Spain


All our courses involve input from distinguished professionals, specialists and consultants, from the design, art, d├ęcor and educational fields, locally and abroad.  This ensures that our courses are international compatible and meets international standards.  North West School of Design has highly effective Quality Assurance procedures.

                                 Honduras                                                Australia

Great Britain

NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN has successfully registered as a member of APPETD (Association for Private Providers of Education, Training and Development) who serves as an affiliate to NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN.   This body also assists in assuring quality of education provided by its members.

APPETD functions as an organized and coherent lobbying voice for private providers matters within education, training and development, as well as providing a channel for accessing the required information on the regulatory matters and requirements within the legislative framework that affects or have an impact on private providers

NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN¥S surety guarantee ensures that the institution is able to meet its obligations to students.  Policy no CICL/MISC/001/08.  This Guarantee forms part of the APPETD MARSCH Education and Training Guarantee policy number CICL/MISC/0001/2007.

Verification to our continuing legal status and application routes is available by request email to the principal: nwsd@gds.co.za

NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN is currently an applicant institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training.  (Ref: File NO 12/3/19/1094) NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN has completed the SAQA Submission (South African Qualifications Authority) and Accreditation application to the CHE (Council for Higher Education) HEQC - Accreditation Directorate REFERENCE NUMBER: H/PR082/E001CAN.

                                Argentina                                               Ivory Coast

NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN runs a trend forecasting project collaboration with the fashion merchandising department at Miami International University of Art and Design.

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