Thursday, 30 June 2016

Why Choose NWSD?

Why Choose NWSD

Article in Klerksdorp Record 17 June 2016
Written by Kalib Monroe

North West School of design has a reputation for setting new standards within the fashion education system and the fashion industry. As a Proudly Klerksdorp educational institution NWSD has more than just one reason why students from all over South Africa choose to relocate to Klerksdorp their fashion dreams. NWSD is the first college in SA to offer the highest qualification in fashion. As an International Fashion college, accredited by City & Guilds, NWSD now offers the Licentiateship in fashion.

 NWSD is also the first fashion college in SA to start its own online store, whereby the public can buy designer clothing at affordable prices. With merchandise of well-established NWSD Alumni, fashion students and emerging designers, the online store also serves as a retail platform for fashion buying students to obtain experience in inventory control, quality control, pricing, styling, fashion PR and brand journalism. NWSD offers a choice in Fashion Education. Students can complete a course in either Fashion design or Fashion Communication & Buying.

 Both these courses lead to the Licentiateship in fashion. NWSD was the first college in South Africa to pilot a Fashion Buying & Communication course. NWSD again leads the way to in fashion education as the first  SA fashion College to merge contact learning and teaching with an integrated online learning system. NWSD's Alumni are the institutions greatest success story.Some of NWSD's Alumni includes Gert Johan Coetzee, Anel Botha, Kobus Rautenbach, Jose' De Chana and many independent designers, buyers and merchandisers, as well as fashion consultants and fashion journalists and stylists.

 NWSD has recently hosted their 16th annual graduation fashion show, newly named as the Platinum Fashion Festival. This sold out event testifies of great community support as well as media and industry support. 

But don't make the mistake of thinking NWSD is all glitz and glam. Students develop a culture of productivity and they soon adopt the creed of work hard and play hard. NWSD is more than a fashion college that gives you a high qualification, it's a unity. NWSD teaches so much more than just fashion. Each day within the classroom day to day issues are tackled and learned from. Choosing NWD won't just leave you with a skill, it will the bring the best out of you.

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